IGNITE Empowers Ugandan Youth & Women to Improve their Lives

CARES Award Ignite International meeting

Ignite International is the Ugandan HIV/AIDS empowerment charity founded by Evah Namakula, the winner of the first Beckman Coulter CARES Award in 2017. The annual award is designed to recognize ordinary people who have shown ‘care, dedication and commitment’ in their communities as part of the fight against HIV/AIDS

Ignite International CARES Award 

The underlying motivation for the charity comes from Evah’s own determination to improve the lives others, especially women, and those suffering from HIV/AIDS. She believes that it is possible to increase the moral and ethical choices that people make during their lifetime by offering them life skills’ and other training as well as health education. ‘The main focus of Ignite is to empower young people and women to become ‘change-makers’ in their own communities,” says Evah.

CARES Award Ignite International volunteers                         

            “We empower and encourage the

             youth to engage in income 

             generating activities through

              integrated sustainable agricultural

              programs, vocational training

              programs, leadership and

              mentorship trainings”.


Activities are divided across four main areas: School Partnership, Sports, Women Empowerment and Youth Empowerment. Through the work of Ignite, Evah seeks to raise awareness of the issues around HIV/AIDs in her local community, advocating for improved health services and rights. The charity also provides guidance and counselling for infected people and their families.


We are determined to work for the socio economic

development of underprivileged women & girls

providing them with different skills, trainings, livelihood programs,

leadership, water, hygiene and sanitation programs, domestic and

water harvesting techniques to improve hygiene and sanitation.

     CARES Award Girl with microphone                            


The charity especially seeks to improve the socio-economic welfare of underprivileged women and girls in the local community. It works to empower and mentor women of all ages, providing practical information that will help to improve their sexual health. It also seeks to reduce sexual and domestic violence by empowering women to develop new ways they can sustain themselves.

Ignite is actively involved in a partnership with local schools. Its work ranges from teaching practical skills that will help young people earn a living to providing mentoring and life coaching skills. Ignite trains young people in public speaking and develops their leadership skills, encouraging them to take up leadership roles in their local communities. In addition, Ignite is an advocate for improved education and career development through career guidance and mentoring.

Through its sports initiative, Ignite seeks to empower people to share and to seek fulfilment from their particular sporting passion, seeing this as a way of helping them avoid harmful practices such as drug taking. ‘By doing this, we encourage young people to stay focused so that they are more likely to achieve their personal dreams,’ says Evah.

For more information on Ignite’s work, see www.igniteinterug.org or their Facebook page – Ignite International.