Avanti J-26XP Series

Ideal for multi-protocol labs, the versatile, high-speed Avanti® J-26XP has a full range of rotors, adapters and sample carriers that offer incredible flexibility to support your research needs for many years to come. The Avanti J-26XP Series has ergonomics top-of-mind with easy turn knobs for parameter entry and a foot pedal for easy open access. It can: 

  • Process six liters of fermentor output in less than ten minutes
  • Deliver a subcellular fraction at 82,000 x g
  • Run 24 microplates at a time
  • Separate live cell populations with elutriation

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Extensive Rotor Library

  • Elutriation rotors
  • Swinging-Bucket rotors
  • Fixed-Angle rotors
  • Lightweight carbon fiber design rotors

Time Savings

  • Shorter cycle times for lab efficiency
  • No waiting for your sample with high-torque, switched reluctance (SR) technology

Imbalance Detection

  • An imbalance detector monitors the system during operation
  • Automatic shutdown if the rotor loads are severely out of balance

Automatic Rotor Identification

  • An automatic rotor identification system detects which rotor is installed
  • Prevents the rotor from running above its maximum rated speed

Product Specifications

BioSafe Yes
Acceleration Maximum, Slow or Timed (1-10 minutes, 0-500 rpm)
Deceleration Maximum, Slow, Timed (1-10 minutes from 500-0 rpm) or Off
Speed Control ±|10.00|rpm of set speed or 0.1%, whichever is greater
Timed Run 1 minute-3 hours; Continuous Hold
Max Capacity Volume Range 1.00|6.00|L
Temperature Control ± 2|°C of set temperature after equilibration
Temperature Range(s) 10°C - 40°C in 1 degree increments

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