Audit-Quality Calibration for Liquid Particle Counters

Don’t trust your calibration service to just anyone


When it comes to an ISO 11171 or 21501-3 calibration for your HIAC instrument, no one knows the technology better than our GMP-trained service engineers.

If your service engineer isn’t factory-trained and using CoreCAL1 software, HIAC-embedded security passcodes & NIST-traceable media, your liquid particle counter from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences may not be calibrated to mandatory test parameters.

Regardless of your industry, your Beckman Coulter service professional can calibrate your instrument to comply with the applicable standards, including:

  • ISO 21501-3 & USP
  • ISO 11171
  • ISO 4406
  • SAE AS4059
  • NAS1638
  • GOST
  • ASTM

In addition, we perform pharmaceutical particle counter calibrations using particle count standard reference validation (USP) and NIST-traceable latex spheres/standards.

Enjoy service continuity and peace of mind

Choose from 6-month, annual or customized service options—performed according to applicable ISO standards2. Your Beckman Coulter service engineer will also be knowledgeable about quality guidelines enforced by the FDA.

Request onsite calibration services (all products, US & Canada): Or call 800-369-0333

If you prefer, you can return your liquid particle counter(s) to us for calibration. We currently perform calibration/qualification services at five depot locations across North America, and we provide courtesy 2-day return shipping.

  1. CoreCAL software is routinely monitored and updated for guaranteed accuracy and alignment with ISO 11171 and 21501 requirements. If you work with an authorized third-party, please ensure CoreCAL version 4.5 is used to calibrate your system 2017).
  2. ISO 17025 calibrations are performed at our ISO 17025-accredited facility.