Allegra 64R

Designed for reliability and consistent results, the Allegra® 64R benchtop centrifuge performs high-speed separations at a fraction of the footprint.

  • 64,400 x g
  • 30,000 rpm
  • Fast acceleration and deceleration times for quicker spins
  • Ideal for subcellular fractionation, protein isolation and purification, viruses and phase extractions.

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Tech Docs Part Number Product Name Max Speed Max g-Force Maximum List Price Buy
30,000 rpm
||64,400.00|x g




Optimal for Subcellular Fractionation, Proteins and Viruses

  • 64,000 x g (30,000 rpm) with fixed-angle rotor
  • Spin tubes from 0.25 up to 85 mL
  • Operating temperature from 2º C to 40º C
  • Rotors certified by Porton Down UK for Biocontainment

The solution for high-speed Seperations

  • Cell gradient spins
  • Nucleic acid precipitations
  • DNA mini-preps
  • Phase extractions

Easy-to-use control panel

  • Displays actual speed, RFC, time & temperature
  • Acceleration/deceleration rates that can be customized to profiles for routine runs

Additional features

  • Safety door interlock prevents contact with spinning rotor
  • Flexible drive shaft to compensate for drive imbalances
  • Compatible with thirteen rotors

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