HIAC 8011+ Industrial Laboratory Liquid Particle Counter

This product is no longer available

As of August 25, 2021, the HIAC 8011+ liquid particle counter is obsolete and no longer available for purchase. Please use the button below to download HIAC 8011+ obsolescence letter for additional details including affected part numbers and our plans to provide ongoing service and support.

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The HIAC 8011+ is a liquid particle counting system designed for the real world. Easy to use with one-button sampling and results in under 60 seconds, the HIAC 8011+ system offers consistent, accurate fluid sampling from 1cST to 425 cSt without dilution. 

  • Intelligent on-screen prompts for common sampling activities
  • Fewer steps for higher throughput
  • Paperless option for application-specific reports
  • Online report review & approval

Documentation and Application Notes

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HIAC 8011+ Liquid Particle Counter Features


  • One-button sampling with results in < 60 seconds
  • Fast loading–up to 20 custom test recipes
  • Won sampling recipe setup in < 5 steps

Running a Sample


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Industrial Application Note 8011+ Reporting Standards Feature and Synopsis Author: Bill F. Bars - Application Scientist for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Company in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA.
HIAC 8011+ Using Pressure To Reduce Entrained Air from Fluid Samples Author: Dave Dunham | Global Marketing Manager for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences | Published 2013
Optimizing the HIAC 8011+ Particle Counter for Analyzing Viscous Fluids Author: Bill F. Bars - Sr. Application Scientist for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA | Published 2013
Q&A on Detecting Moisture in Hydraulic Fluid, Oil and Fuels Monitoring the amount of moisture in petroleum based fluids before 100% saturation occurs will reduce degradation and will increase the life and performance of equipment components. Advancements in technology allowed Beckman Coulter to add a moisture sensor to our HIAC PODS+ Portable Liquid Particle Counters. This application note details the moisture detection application in hydraulic fluid, oil and fuels.
Using Pressure to Reduce Bubble Contamination from Particle Count Results Author: Dave Dunham | Beckman Coulter, Inc, Grants Pass, OR | Published 2016

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