Dried Reagent Technology

In biomedical research and even some clinical diagnostics assays many of the key reagents used are biological molecules with the same propensity to degrade with handling and storage. When designing a robust assay, it is important that the assay read out is attributable to the sample and test condition, rather than inconsistencies in the reagents used. One approach to increase the stability of biomolecules is to remove the water. A common approach is called lyophilization. We’ve developed a proprietary method to dry reagents that does not involve the process of lyophilization. We call this technology DURA Innovations.


Drying process creates a uniform reagent layer at the bottom of the tube.
Dry reagents don't require refrigeration.
Store it at room temperature for the study duration.


Antibody panels are supplied in a single-use cocktail.
Can be provided in user-defined vessel including a variety of tubes and plates.
Reagent is ready for addition of sample.


Suitable for drying conjugated antibodies, stabilizing them for room temperature storage.
Ability to combine different reagents, creating an antibody cocktail.
Ability to dry enumeration beads with the cocktail.


Technology is used in our off-the-shelf flow cytometry assays backed by our quality manufacturing system.
Available in our custom services for creation of user-defined assays.

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Dry, Not Lyophilized

Uniform layer of dried antibody reagent

Unlike lyophilization our drying process creates a uniform layer securely held at the bottom of the tube or well.

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Performance Comparison with Liquid Reagents

We’ve compared the performance of our dried antibodies to liquid antibodies. We’ve also compared dried reagents under various stress conditions, ageing and heat stress. The testing included notoriously unstable tandem dyes.

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Benefits of Using Dry Reagents

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The dry unitized assays replace reagent cocktail preparation and the pipetting errors and along with it the reagent mix-ups that can happen. Cocktailing is time consuming, repetitive and difficult to automate. In addition, while unitizing the assay replaces extensive management of single-color reagent inventory, the drying takes lab efficiency to the next level by allowing storage at room temperature for worry free storage and shipping.

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Want to free your lab staff from pipetting reagents and cocktail preparation?

Products and Services Using DURA Innovations Technology

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IVD Leukemia and Lymphoma Immunophenotyping Panels

DURAClone Antibody Panels

Dry antibody panels and stimulation mixes for clinical research

LUCID Custom Design Service

Expert panel design and cocktailing services

Resource Contract Manufacturing Service

Contract Manufacturing Services for bulk orders

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