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We empower those seeking answers to life’s important scientific and healthcare questions. And we’re committed to accelerating answers. In the life sciences accelerating answers requires leading-edge solutions that you can trust. By partnering with us as an OEM reagents supplier to develop your genomic assays, you’re committing to a solution that you and your customers can rely on.

Gold Standard Reagents

Our genomic reagents are the gold standard in nucleic acid purification and cleanup technology. They’ve helped generate research in over 20,000 scientific publications and are suggested for use in over 200 library preparation kits, including kits from trusted sequencing companies like Illumina©, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, and Pacific Biosciences (PacBio), among others. Our solutions are optimized to meet the stringent needs of today’s genomic applications. By adding genomic reagents from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences to your assay kit, you empower your customers to maximize the recovery, consistency and speed of their entire next-generation sequencing workflow.

Help Customers Get the Data They Need

Partner with us and help your customers minimize the risk of losing important genetic data. Give your customers the gold standard and empower them to generate better results.


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