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With well-designed panels and high quality reagents, multicolor flow cytometry is a powerful tool for detecting and monitoring multiple parameters of your sample simultaneously.

We're here to help you simplify complex experimental hypothesis by providing our comprehensive antibody search tools combined with innovative instrumentation, configurations, reagents and software to support you through your rigorous flow cytometry journey.

On this page you will find helpful tools and resources to support multicolor panel design for your workflows and experimental analysis.

Why is panel design important for you?

After new users become familiar with flow cytometry instrumentation and learn how to set up the instrument and acquire data, the next topic to master is antibody panel design. Optimizing a multicolor immunophenotyping panel is often described as an iterative, time consuming process. The end goal of this process is to overcome the loss of sensitivity that occurs when combining fluorescent dyes for multicolor detection. A challenge is that the application of panel design principles requires optimization of multiple variables simultaneously, empirically trading off sensitivity due to marker co-expression and inherent instrument detection characteristics.

To learn more check out our free webinar on "Not Your Typical Flow Cytometry Panel Design Webinar: A tool kit for selecting antibodies with the complete panel in mind" here .

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